Victosec Security Services

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Top providers of professionally trained Guards and leader in providing Private Investigation in Zimbabwe.

Business Security

Our professionally trained team can make sure your business is safe at all times. We have both night and day security team.

Personal Security

Travel and leave in safe at all times! Out team is specially trained to provide expert personal security services.

Asset and land Security

We are trained to guard against vandalism on any size of property. Get in touch with us to discuss your security needs .

Safety. Security. Quality.

Your safety is our call for duty, we have all that it takes to safeguard your joy at all times.

Personal & Business Security

For peace of mind, we make sure to protect either your business or personal belongings at an affordable price.

Event Services

Our trained team do not allow intruders interrupt your events. We can protect you while you make your progress.


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Our sales team can help you to determine the cost of your security needs without commitment.